The Apple Tree

The Apple Tree

Helping others "Branch Out" into all spaces of Crypto

What is our Mission?

Our goal is to establish a robust cryptocurrency community that prioritizes education, value creation, and growth. We have initiated this endeavor through the launch of The Pixel Apple and The Pixel Farmers collections, we are presently focused on developing the P2E Feature, executing comprehensive marketing strategies, and exploring other growth opportunities. Our focus on value will lead to the creation of a diverse range of products, including collections, alpha calls, merchandise, tokenomics, and Play to Earn Games. 

Additionally, we aim to offer our expertise to new projects in need of launch support, including development, art, and consulting services. To educate and inform our community, we plan to host various informational resources, including specialized channels for cryptocurrency mining, general cryptocurrency knowledge, and the NFT space.

Meet The Team

Caveman Mining
Marketing and Development

Josh Anthony
Design and Development

To contact us directly you can open a ticket in our discord!

Our Story

We met during a rug project and formed a close-knit team. Despite facing challenges, they discovered a shared passion for creating valuable projects. Our focus is on delivering real value through utility and considering the needs of their community. We are excited to start this new venture.

Our primary objective is to educate the community and deliver a top-notch project. We believe in the power of shared knowledge and strive to impart our insights to others. By doing so, we aim to cultivate a thriving community where value and growth are consistently nurtured.



SLP Token

Radium-X is the SPL token of the Apple Tree Ecosystem, powered by the Solana blockchain. It serves as the primary currency and utility, allowing users to play games, buy in-game items, trade with others, and more. As the platform grows, so does the demand for Radium-X, providing holders with a valuable asset and an engaging experience.


Explore our selection and find the perfect addition to your NFT portfolio. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, our collections have something for everyone. Start your journey today and see where the world of NFTs takes you.

Learn about Lore!

Explore the world of the Apple Tree  in our Lore section. Uncover the fascinating history, captivating characters, and immersive stories that form the foundation of the Apple Tree Ecosystem.  Find yourself in the unique and imaginative landscape of the Apple Tree NFT and be transported to a place of wonder and adventure.

(Clothing & Merch)


Learn about the dynamic earning system in the Play-to-Earn game that incentivizes player engagement with the NFT collection and its growth. The system accurately tracks sales volume and rewards players, and can be adjusted to fuel growth. Stay informed about our upcoming service releases to benefit the community, aswell as the future of Radium-X.

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