The Apple Tree

The Apple Tree

Helping others "Branch Out" into all spaces of Crypto

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to create a strong crypto community that is focused around education, value, and growth.

We started with The Pixel Apple collection. We are currently working on the utility
for the P2E Feature, marketing and more. Our value will lead to producing utilities with more collections, alpha calls, merch, and tokenomics. Additionally we will be offering our Services to new projects that need launch assistance. This will include Development, ART, and consulting. We will be hosting a variety of different Informational resources such as channels specifically for Crypto Mining, Crypto in general, and of course the NFT Space. With Each one of these subjects there will also be classes or informational streams tailored for those who would like to learn more in depth about each subject.

Meet The Team

Caveman Mining
Lead of Operations

OG Founder

Josh Anthony
Lead of Design
(Art & Graphics)

Lead of Development
(Game & Contracts)

To contact us directly you can open a ticket in our discord!

Our Story

A group of apples who met during and unbenounced rug project.
Through their downfall and emotional despair and empty wallets, these fruits banded together. After meeting we shortly realized we all had the skill to put a valuablue project together ourselves.
We decided to do this project, we agreed to bring true value exploring utility and taking into account what our community really wants.

Our mission is firstly educate the community as well as provide a quality project.
What we learn we share. (Fruits to bear)

(Clothing & Merch)

Apple Tree Growth Plans

The Pixel Apples

The Pixel Farmers


The Apple Farmers

Extra Collection


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