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What is Radium-X?

Radium-X is an SPL token built on the Solana blockchain that serves as the backbone of the Apple Tree Ecosystem. This ecosystem provides a platform for users to engage in a variety of activities, from gaming to social networking, and Radium-X serves as the primary currency and utility within the platform.


With Radium-X, users can participate in play-to-earn games, purchase in-game items and access premium features, as well as trade the token with others within the ecosystem. This creates a thriving and dynamic environment where users can benefit from their engagement with the platform and their participation in the Apple Tree Ecosystem.


As the popularity of the platform grows, so does the demand for Radium-X, leading to an increase in its value and providing holders with a valuable asset that they can use or trade. Radium-X is a powerful tool that helps drive the success of the Apple Tree Ecosystem and provides a valuable experience for its users.

How to earn Radium-X?

          Radium-X can be earned by owning a Pixel Apple or Pixel Farmer NFT. To obtain these NFTs, you will need to purchase them from secondary marketplaces such as MagicEden, or any other platform that offers trading of Solana-based NFTs. Once you have acquired your Pixel Apple or Pixel Farmer NFT, you can then stake it into one of two separate contracts, depending on whether you hold a Pixel Apple or Pixel Farmer NFT.

To stake your NFT, simply log into your wallet on the Floppylabs platform at or and follow the instructions provided to stake your NFT. Once staked, you will start earning Radium-X, which can be used to participate in exclusive experiences, receive special benefits, and access unique in-game items

To learn more about the specific rewards and benefits you can earn by staking your Pixel Apple or Pixel Farmer NFT, be sure to join the official “The Apple Tree Discord”

The story of Radium-X

Radium-X is intricately woven into the lore of the Apple Tree. Explore the imaginative world of the Apple Tree and uncover Radium-X’s role in its rich story. Learn how this token enriches the unique narrative and experience of the captivating ecosystem.

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