The Apple Tree

The Pixel Apples

333 Pixel Apples on Solana blockchain


About The Pixel Apples

What are The Pixel Apples?

The Pixel Apples Collection is an essential part of The Apple Tree Ecosystem, and is a in-game assets for the P2E game. With 333 vibrant and unique pixelated apples, each one carefully crafted and brought to life through the innovative use of Solana-based NFTs.

Owning a Pixel Apple not only gives you a unique and collectible item, but also grants you membership in a thriving community of crypto miners and enthusiasts who are passionate about gaming and the power of NFTs.


Where to purchase a Pixel Apple?

The Pixel Apple NFTs can be purchased from Magic Eden, the leading marketplace for digital collectibles. Visit the Magic Eden website to see the available offerings of Pixel Apple NFTs. The platform provides a convenient and secure purchasing process, allowing you to own a part of The Apple Tree Ecosystem.

Learn about Layer Rarity

The Pixel Apple NFT collection boasts a layer of rarity, adding to its value. Each NFT is assigned a rarity level, making some more uncommon than others. The rarity layer makes the NFTs highly desirable for collectors and increases their value, making them a valuable addition to any collection.

Radium-X Staking

The Pixel Apples and Radium-X are critical components of The Apple Tree Ecosystem, powered by the Solana blockchain. Staking Pixel Apples on the FloppyLabs platform earns Radium-X, which serves as the primary currency and utility token. This investment provides value to the user through the earning of Radium-X.

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